Commissioned Oil Paintings by Bruce Bingham
Playing Grownups
Summer Splash
Working on it
Rainbow Glasses

Commissioned Pieces

Painting portraits is a exploration, delving deeply into the subject. Each stroke of the brush embarks on a journey to capture the essence and character. Gazing upon the subject, a realm of possibilities unfold. Every line, color, and texture takes on a purposeful meaning, striving to unveil the layers that compose the individual's identity. The challenge lies not only in recreating physical likeness, but in capturing the intangible aspects—the emotions, thoughts, and stories that reside within. Each brushstroke carries a glimpse of joy, pain, hope, and resilience. It is through the careful interplay of light and shadow that the artist breathes life into the portrait, rendering a vivid portrayal of the subject's unique journey. The painting becomes a testimony to the spirit, bearing witness to the triumphs and tribulations that shape them.

Would you like a painting of a loved one, favorite pet or special occasion?

Let's talk about your ideas. I'm happy to help you and can work from appropriate photos. Prices vary upon size and subject. After subject, size and price are agreed upon, there is a deposit for materials, a deadline date set, and payment in full upon completion.