Bruce Bingham Oil Paintings

Celebrating life in colorful oils

“I believe in a world filled with wonder, surrounded by hidden beauty everywhere. Many miss it, some never see it and others overlook it.”

A professional artist for over 40 years her work is collected privately and corporately in fourteen countries.

Sensual application of lush colorful oils brings a celebration of life alive on the canvas.

Plein Air Oil Paintings


This immersive artistic adventure, where vibrant colors and rich cultural heritage ignite the canvas, the rhythm of salsa and the warmth of the sun infuse every brushstroke, creating a tapestry of lively scenes. Amidst the crumbling colonial architecture and vintage cars, the spirit of Cuba comes alive, inspiring a unique essence and tells its captivating stories.

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Plein Air Oil Paintings


Like embarking on a journey of self-expression, where the brush becomes an extension of one's emotions, each stroke carries the weight of personal interpretation and breaths life into the canvas with every deliberate mark. It is a liberating experience, transcending the boundaries of reality and allowing the inner world to unfold in a vibrant tapestry of colors and forms.

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Studio Paintings

Painting is an expedition of self-discovery and growth, where every brushstroke is an embodiment of countless decisions and choices. The canvas becomes a profound reflection of the artist's life and contemplations, unveiling their relentless quest for inner enrichment and a sanctuary to rejuvenate the soul. With each stroke, the artist delves deeper into their essence, unraveling the intricacies of their being and embarking on an ever-unfolding journey of creative evolution.

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Plein Air Oil Paintings


Painting portraits is a profound exploration, each stroke strives to capture the essence and intricacies of a person's character. It is an intimate dance between the artist and the subject, as the canvas becomes a mirror reflecting their inner world. The challenge lies in portraying not just physical likeness, but also the emotions, thoughts, and stories that reside within, creating a timeless tribute to the complexity of the spirit of the subject.

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When I look at Bruce's paintings in my collection I see color, personality, atmosphere, and human interest. I feel as if I am in her paintings, a sense of “I know this place!” Her paintings are very relatable. While Bruce's works exhibit technical mastery, it is her artistic vision that sets her apart; she captures the emotional essence of each scene, the mood, the sense of place. Her solo show at South Street Art Gallery was one of our most successful, a big hit with our collectors!

Bruce Bingham has been a good friend of mine since childhood. Her zest for life and art is obvious in her paintings. I have four of her originals in my home, and my two latest acquisitions are “Eight Ball Corner Pocket” and “Cuban Gold.” I also commissioned her to do a painting of my boat in Camden Maine. It turned out perfectly. I am interested in adding another one of her works to my collection soon. Two of her paintings were shipped to me in excellent condition and packed professionally. I highly recommend Bruce whether you acquire her completed artwork or perhaps custom artwork!