Bruce Bingham Testimonials


When I look at Bruce's paintings in my collection I see color, personality, atmosphere, and human interest. I feel as if I am in her paintings, a sense of “I know this place!” Her paintings are very relatable. While Bruce's works exhibit technical mastery, it is her artistic vision that sets her apart; she captures the emotional essence of each scene, the mood, the sense of place. Her solo show at South Street Art Gallery was one of our most successful, a big hit with our collectors!

I have been collecting Bruce Bingham's paintings for many years starting in 2005. I love her impressionistic style and her subject matter; whether it is landscapes, cafes, animals (love her cows & bulls) or everyday life throughout the world. Her living experiences which include France, Spain, Latvia, Malta, Maryland, Virginia and Texas, offer great insight and variety to her paintings. Her use of oils offers amazing depth, texture and color and I find her paintings very calming and a joy to have as an addition to our home.

Bruce has a way of capturing a moment that speaks to her and making it a lasting treasure through her passionate use of color and light. Her painting "Gozo Gardner" is hanging on a wall in my home and I enjoy and admire it everyday.

Bruce Bingham has been a good friend of mine since childhood. Her zest for life and art is obvious in her paintings. I have four of her originals in my home, and my two latest acquisitions are "Eight Ball Corner Pocket" and "Cuban Gold." I also commissioned her to do a painting of my boat in Camden Maine. It turned out perfectly. I am interested in adding another one of her works to my collection soon. Two of her paintings were shipped to me in excellent condition and packed professionally. I highly recommend Bruce whether you acquire her completed artwork or perhaps custom artwork!

Having known Bruce Bingham my whole life, it has been such a pleasure to watch her journey through the world of art. She always has had a vivid imagination and a creative spirit. The first painting I recall is “The Littlest Angel”, I believe she painted when she was 6 and it won an award in our elementary school. I have always wanted that painting and still do!

As her mastery of painting evolved through the years I was impressed and intrigued by her works. As I was able, I began to purchase her work and it has evolved into an entire collection!

Bruce Bingham enjoyed a long stay in St Julians, Malta in a lovely period villa in St Julians, by the sea. The caressing mellow colors of the Mediterranean inspired Bruce throughout and her exhibits and her solo Exhibition in June 2011 at the 5 star le Meridien Hotel St Julians causing artistic ripples. All her paintings exuded the warmth and vibrancy of the Mediterranean.

At a National multi-purpose Exhibition at the Malta Society of Arts Manufacture & Commerce in Valletta her colossal reclining nude displayed at the Entrance to the Hall, captured the eyes of all who visited the Exhibition. There was subdued passion and hidden stole the Show.